About Our Company

Ayers Transport is a family-owned transport company established in 2010 by Jay and Michael Ayers.

Our Fundamentals

The fundamentals of Ayers Transport are simplistic:

  • Provide the best service and value combination possible to customers.
  • Employ smart, experienced personnel, facilitate them, and treat them well.
  • Operate safe and well maintained equipment.
  • Understand and fully comply with all relevant state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Put our name on it and our word behind it, then go earn the right to be proud of it.

Experience has taught the owners of Ayers Transport that practicing these fundamental principals allows the Company’s pricing to be competitive while providing a sufficient return to allow the Company to grow. Retention of customers and employees eliminates expenses incurred in developing new customers and dependable employees and increases efficiency and safety through familiarity with the hauling task.

Over time, these factors allow for a better outcome financially to the customers, the employees, and the owners. The dependable success of following these principals has been proved to the owners in their three decades owning and leasing commercial real estate and four decades providing solid waste collection services. When you deliver dependable results at good value, and operate on an “all parties win” basis, customers and employees find it difficult to want to go elsewhere!

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